Watch Brazilian TV Host’s Head Catch Fire Live On Air!

It seems like a lame thing to say but, NEVER PLAY WITH FIRE! Because fire has a life of its own.

This Brazilian TV host found out the hard way when he performed a fire-breathing stunt.


The host of a popular TV show for kids in Sao Paolo, Brazil put in flame after a horrible stunt. The presenter named Luis Ricardo swallowed a flammable liquid under the watchful eye of the fire-breathing expert. After taking too much into his mouth, he ran out of breath when he still have his mouth, a half-full of flammable liquid. The liquid then dripped down his chin, setting it on fire and when he tried to roll the fire out, his head lit. Ricardo, immediately ran of the set with his head in flames.


The old man beside him hobbled and ran to extinguish the fire that scattered everywhere. The other men decided to drop mats on the flamed floor.

Audience view it as part of the comedy show, they started cheering and clapping but had no idea that it was actually a terrible mistake. The  host was badly burnt.

Watch the following video and see how this tv host actually burned himself.

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