What Does It Feels Like Spending Christmas In CHRISTMAS ISLAND?

Experience the magic of Christmas with thousands of lights, Santa Claus, Mrs Claus, the elves, Rudolph, presents, activities, food & drink and most specially, A WHOLE LOT OF RED CRABS on Christmas Island.

Yes! I repeat! RED CRABS.

SEE FOR YOURSELF! This child isn’t even afraid of them.


Christmas Island is a territory of Australia in the Indian Ocean. It is called “Christmas Island” because it was discovered on Christmas Day (25 December).

Mysteriously, within this particular reef nestles a population of over 120 million red crabs on the rain forest floor. These crabs live alone in dirt burrows, deep rock crevices or stay in the shade of their dwelling for most of the year. Every year, when wet season is about to fall, these huge population of crabs will make their long trek from the island’s forests to the ocean to mate and lay their eggs.

By this time, the entire island is whip by crabs. Due to their uncountable number, the local authorities have to shut down the roads during their migration.

See what I mean?

They’re too many that the local government built a special crab bridge for the crabs to cross certain areas safely.

Aww. How sweet of them.


The journey to the ocean takes about a week to complete. Once there, the crabs start to pair off and mate, mate, mate and mate. After mating is finished, the females stick around on the beach for another two weeks with their eggs. Around December 18-19, the females lay their eggs. They then begin their journey back to the forest to rejoin the males.

The eggs hatch almost immediately once they’re out at sea. For a month or two of staying aloof and hibernating at the sea, the now grown up crabs, will then begin their journey back to the forest.

Hmmm. These baby crabs are quite adorable.


Mother nature is truly amusing, even more amusing when you can see it on such a grand scale. However, I really want to be nowhere near Christmas Island especially during the crab migration and mating.

Seriously, though! Count me out. I despise shellfish that much.

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