Woman Almost Died From A Flesh Eating Bacteria On Her Breast

A 31-year-old woman nearly lost her life when a flesh-eating bug ate away a large part of her breast.

Woman Almost Died From A Flesh Eating Bacteria On Her BreastThe young mom named, Lucy Secular, thought she had just scratched her left breast but just 24 hours later she was in the hospital fighting for her life. Describing the pain as “a thousand times worse than childbirth” she said,

It felt like I was being eaten alive from the inside out. It was a little sore, like a spot, but I thought nothing of it,” she said, not realizing that the killer superbug necrotizing fasciitis had already entered her body through the scratch.

She claimed that the next morning she woke up jumping in her bed, felt dizzy, and terribly sick. She started having cold and hot sweats with her temperature rising. Later that night, the pain was even worse. She recalled looking down and seeing an ulcer developing on top of her breast.

Woman Almost Died From A Flesh Eating Bacteria On Her Breast

The bug was in full attack mode now within my bloodstream attacking my organs. As I lay in bed I drifted in and out of consciousness, and I remember coming round at 9pm that evening paralyzed from the excruciating pain,” said Lucy.

By that time, her breast went black and grew bigger than the usual.

The ambulance man took my blood pressure with shock in his eyes as it was so dangerously low – my body was in toxic shock – and because of the look of my breast. His words were ‘I haven’t got a clue what’s happening to you but we need to get you to Royal Berkshire Hospital now’. I was very fortunate to have the doctor I did, as unfortunately a patient of his had passed the previous November from the disease. He knew straight away what he was dealing with.”

She was then rushed into the operating room.

I was told that I was lucky I’d called my mum when I had as if I hadn’t I would have been dead by the morning,” she explained.

Woman Almost Died From A Flesh Eating Bacteria On Her BreastThe surgeon told Lucy’s mother that she would be put into an induced coma to help her organs recover and to stop them from shutting down. However, Lucy defied the coma, waking up in intensive care later that evening with wires pumping a cocktail of antibiotics and pain relief into her body.

The next morning she was returned to the operating room to have more tissue removed to make sure all the disease had gone. She’d lost all of the skin and 20 per cent of breast tissue, yet luckily, surgeons managed to save her nipple.

Two days later she was transferred to the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford for two further operations, including a skin graft from her thigh.

She finally returned home and only goes back to the hospital every two days for dressing changes.

The medics described her survival as a “miracle”.

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