Fancy the sun? Take off in the direction of Miami!

Sunning yourself ? Take off for Miami !

The dim neon light in your office is getting you down ? Are you tired of the hum of the Paris metro? ? Change your mind by booking your stay in Miami ! Why choose this American city ? Qu’will you discover ? We’ll explain everything to help you decide on this unique metropolis.

Florida’s sunny beaches and warmth

Miami is a city very popular with Americans, but also many tourists from around the world. From this city, you can enjoy the’s soul of its lively streets, but also its proximity to the Caribbean’Atlantic Ocean. Its tropical climate makes it a popular spot to relax and stroll around enjoying pleasant days.

You will find many Airline offers to get to Miami from Paris. Find a non-stop flight from Paris to Miami with the route opened by Corsair in order to quickly get to your new favorite vacation spot ! In Florida, you will enjoy’a ideal weather all the’year ! So pack your swimsuit and hat to enjoy the beach of famous Miami Beach or the one in South Beach. In the vicinity, you will find many restaurants, but also trendy nightclubs to animate your evenings.

Miami, a city marked by the’History

The lovers of the’American history will be thrilled to know that Miami is the place to be’Learn more about this city that has welcomed many communities to the outskirts of the city. Go to walking in Little Havana, you’ll enjoy the’It’s like walking around Cuba. Hundreds of Cubans fled their island to escape the dictatorship in the late 1950s and recreated a city within a city by building their own homes’inspiring from the’It has a traditional Cuban architecture with its brightly colored houses.

You will find the same atmosphere in the district of Little Haiti. Discover the colorful paintings and bountiful fruits that are part of the Caribbean lifestyle. In the Little Haiti Cultural Complex, you can attend shows and theatrical performances.

And n’Don’t forget to do some shopping at the Caribbean market Enjoy tasty food and take home a few handmade ornaments as a souvenir !

The Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

Miami, c’is also luxury and success ! To measure the soul of its lively streets’Visit the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. This villa, built in 1910, is the first of its kind in the world’former home of James Deering. It has no less than 34 rooms and is open to the sun gardens to the’absolutely majestic European.

In the’In addition to the architecture and the style of the green spaces, we can note the’s influence’Renaissance era. Take a walk on the beach’incredible Venetian gondola-shaped seawall that drops into beautiful Biscayne Bay ! This villa lives up to the immoderate ambitions of its owners !

Miami is the perfect destination to take the time to live and enjoy the chic boutiques to do some shopping. And to go further, take your visit to the city’the Everglades National Park or the Keys !