Stop smoking the electronic cigarette does it limit the risk of gaining weight

Quit smoking: does the electronic cigarette limit the risk of gaining weight ?

Among smokers, the fear of gaining weight by quitting smoking is generally among the first concerns. Stopping smoking changes the metabolism and it is common to compensate for the lack of tobacco by eating. Result, 34% of former smokers have gained between 5 and 10 kilos. Many rely on the electronic cigarette to limit weight gain, but is it really effective ?

The electronic cigarette could limit weight gain

The electronic cigarette can’t guarantee that you won’t gain weight. Even with a gentle and gradual transition, the risk of developing compensations in food and alcohol remains high. The electronic cigarette is not a guarantee in itself and it is necessary to remain vigilant to its behavior when quitting smoking.

However, the electronic cigarette remains the best nicotine substitute. Even very heavy smokers can turn to expert models such as the electronic cigarette aspire. It can therefore limit the withdrawal and frustration in all smokers.

So, even if it is not a guarantee, it can limit the risks of gaining weight by quitting smoking.

How not to gain weight when you quit smoking ?

To avoid gaining weight when you stop smoking, the best solution is to use an electronic cigaretteIntegrate your withdrawal with a change in lifestyle. Integrate sport into your new habits. You will even increase your chances of not relapsing, because you will immediately see the immense benefits of a non-smoking life.

Moreover, there is no real secret. To avoid getting fat, you just need to carefully manage your diet in addition to practicing sports. Turn to appetite suppressant drinks and foods, such as green tea.

Very quickly, stopping smoking will be accompanied by a general well-being that will encourage you in your withdrawal.

How not to get fat when you stop smoking?

Differences in metabolisms

Finally, it is important to take into account an unfair but important parameter: we are not all equal when it comes to weight gain. Some will even lose weight when they quit smoking, while others will gain more than 10 kilos. You must therefore be very attentive and take the opportunity to reconnect with your body and its needs.

Don’t worry too much, because the statistics are still quite positive. The weight gain during the smoking cessation is rarely very important. Only 13% of former smokers gain more than 10 kilos by stopping smoking, 34% gain between 5 and 10 kilos, 37% (the largest share) take less than 5 kilos and 16% even lose weight.