Quit Smoking in Style

Quit smoking in style

Vaping is a phenomenon that we have seen evolve more and more for several years. Whether in the street as indoors, vapers are more and more numerous. The vape offers a solution to smokers to stop the traditional cigarette, allowing them to abandon the 4,000 toxic substances it contains.

Recognized as 95% less dangerous for health than tobacco by the Public Health of England, the electronic cigarette is attracting more and more smokers who want to improve their health. To facilitate access to these new followers, brands and retailers offer ready-to-use all-in-one kits. In addition to all that, the electronic cigarette can complement your style and break the negative effects of tobacco.

Goodbye the smell of cold tobacco

With the electronic cigarette, you can draw a line under the unpleasant smell of stale tobacco on your clothes or on the breath associated with a cigarette taken a few hours ago. It is usually difficult to get rid of this characteristic smell when you smoke regularly and even worse when you smoke indoors. Tobacco smoke is embedded in the smallest tissues. When you vape, the taste that remains in your mouth and the smell emitted correspond to the flavor of the liquid you have chosen to vape.

The vapor of the e-cigarette disperses in a few seconds, the smells, more pleasant than cold tobacco, persist less in the air.

Find a luminous complexion

Tobacco makes your skin dull and grayish, the epidermis cells are no longer fast enough
renewed, a layer of cells accumulates on the surface of the skin. With the cessation of tobacco, you therefore stop smoking all the toxic substances present inside the cigarettes, the carbon monoxide released by combustion, as well as the tar. The carbon monoxide present in cigarettes slows down the circulation of oxygen in the blood. The skin cells are therefore poorly replenished with oxygen and give this grayish complexion to the skin.

The electronic cigarette does not include combustion in its operation and there are no toxic substances in the e-liquids sold by stores in France, its impact on the skin is therefore much less than tobacco, or even non-existent.

Match your electronic cigarette to your style

Electronic cigarettes can have a strong style ! Combine this accessory with your daily look to not go unnoticed. Thanks to the kits, you can find electronic cigarettes with very different styles and characteristics. Ranging from a rather classic and sober look, through colorful modern, everything is available.

If you are a little more expert in the vape, let yourself go for the assembly of an electronic cigarette. Choose your clearomiser and your box: in general, several colors are available for each product. A mix of leather and metal for your more classic look, or a “multicolored paint stain” effect for your more streetwear side.

Accompanied by a clearo of a matte metal or with a “rainbow” effect and you will be ready.

Get cold to smoke, done !

Some will find it an advantage, others a disadvantage. The famous cigarette break that gets all smokers outside, including you, is over. With the electronic cigarette, the premises of the office will no longer be emptied in a few seconds, just like the table of this dinner with friends.

Goodbye wet shoes after ten minutes of smoking in the rain. You will no longer need to open the window or go outside to smoke your cigarette. Thanks to the e-cigarette you can stay on your couch.

However, beware, today, many public places prohibit vaping: such as in stations and some of their platforms, or even museums for example. Regarding bars and restaurants, it is not always clear, so by asking the owner, you will avoid all problems.

And it’s convenient

Once your e-cigarette is filled with e-liquid and with the battery charged, you will quickly notice that it is much more practical than the traditional cigarette. No more looking for a lighter everywhere to light your cigarette, just press a button with the electronic cigarette and you can vape. Forget ashtrays and their unpleasant smell of cold tobacco and above all, stop throwing your cigarette butts on the ground which will pollute hundreds of liters of water ! Now you just have to vape and put your e-cigarette back where it was.

The sweet smell of your liquid spreads through the air to disappear in seconds and you don’t have to throw anything away when you’re done.