What to equip your Mission Sante first aid kit with

What to equip your first aid kit with ?

Essential both in a house, in a car and for travelling, first aid kits can prove to be one of the essential accessories. They are especially useful in case of injuries and other scratches. But a pharmacy kit is above all a content.

And when you are not in the medical field, it may appear to worry. In order to equip you therefore, this article gives you the fundamentals to effectively equip your pharmacy kit.

The pharmacy kit: what to remember ?

Basic necessities, The emergency kit or pharmacy box is a container in which the basic medical elements can be included which can be useful to provide a person with unemployment in case of discomfort. Its primary objective is to cover the urgency while waiting to be able to use the medical profession. But it can also be very useful for monitoring small injuries that do not necessarily require medical expertise.

Thus, its composition differs according to the needs of each and the use for which it is intended, even if a common minimum is required at the base.

The basic material for all first aid kits

Whether your first aid kit is intended to rescue accidents at work in a professional body or whether it is just for family needs, there are essential elements that must be found there. These include small tools such as:

  • The pair of scissorsx: it is useful for cutting all kinds of material. In this specific case, it allows you to cut a bandage or simply to release the pieces of clothing that block easy access to a wound or a bite.
  • The thermometer : used to take the temperature of a patient, it is an important element that can inform on the urgency or not to take the patient to care. It can be very useful especially when the patient is not in a position to describe his symptoms.
  • The tweezers : often used to remove brambles, thorns, bits of glass and other sharp materials it can be essential to bring relief to a suffering person.
  • The flashlight : in the event of a cut, injury or other health problem outside the home and/or in a poorly lit area, a flashlight can help save your life.
  • Sterilants, disinfectants, antibacterials : they are used to kill bacteria both on the medical equipment used and in the wound in order to avoid any risk of infection. This, before during and after any dressing.
  • bands and cottons: they help to cover wounds so that ointments and other medications applied to their surfaces can be held to allow rapid healing.
  • Basic drugs : very useful in a pharmacy box, medicines to cure headaches, stomachaches, painkillers, anti-allergy are the most useful.

Equipment according to use

Beyond the tools listed above which are useful in all types of pharmacy kits, there are others which are more specific to certain realities. Whether for rural environments, travel, high-risk sports, cars or even for professional environments, the realities are not always the same. Thus, in a medicine kit prepared for a trip, we can find tools such as:

  • vaccination records;
  • health insurance cards;
  • an emergency haemostatic cousin;
  • medications for motion sickness;
  • skin antiseptics, etc.

While in the first aid kit of a country house, we should find:

  • anti-venoms;
  • antiseptics;
  • pre-cut dressings;
  • sterile compresses.

This is why taking the advice of a professional on the appropriate content to give to a pharmacy kit according to need would not be superfluous. In addition to using the services of a doctor, there are also professional information and equipment sites that can guide you effectively in the purchase of tailor-made kits.

How to get a ready-to-use medicine box ?

Not being experts in the medical field, many people in search of a well-made first aid kit do not know where to turn. For this, it is advisable to go to a pharmacy specializing in medical equipment. It is true that in the neighborhood pharmacy you can find everything you need, especially basic necessities, but in a pharmacy specializing in the supply of medical equipment, you are sure to have a medicine kit worthy of the name.

If you also want a medicine kit that has nothing to envy to the equipment of a professional, visit a site for the sale of medical equipment like Mediprostore.

Periodically check your first aid kit

Periodically, it is important to think about updating the contents of your pharmacy box. When it is used often, it is important to think about replacing the products that are at term. If you do not use them all the time, this control is all the more important to avoid ending up with expired products the day the need to use them arises. In addition, the seasons being changing, it would be useful to take this into account in the supply of products for your pharmacy box.

You must take products that freeze in winter and those that heat up in summer so as not to accelerate their deterioration.

Where to put your first aid kit ?

As you can, you doubt it, the first aid kit should be kept out of the reach of children. This is to prevent them from spoiling the drugs or trying to play doctor on each other. But at the same time, it is important to store it in a well-known place and within reach of all adults.

Also, care must be taken that said place is neither too hot nor too cold, given the temperature requirements of certain drugs.