The essential accessories to take to the beach with you

The essential accessories to take to the beach with you

Vacations are always synonymous with good times spent with family or friends, but to make them even more memorable, some accessories are now available’The new technologies have become particularly interesting. Leisure activities that can be carried everywhere and reused for other purposes’year after year to be trendy.

The trendy buoys for the best moments in the pool

If you are planning a stay in an accommodation with a swimming pool, think of taking trendy and very photogenic accessories. The buoys are getting prettier and prettier as the seasons go by and you can now use them to make your own pool’Today you can find floating accessories of all sizes and shapes.

A giant donut, a unicorn, a hippopotamus.. to make sure you have a great time floating on the water’water. Some models are even equipped with cup holders that will allow you to have a drink with friends.

This idea is very nice and especially useful if you have a private pool in an Airbnb accommodation. L’opportunity to take beautiful pictures, worthy of the biggest influencers you follow on Instagram for your vacation photo books. Once your stay is over, you will just have to deflate and fold your buoy properly to avoid lengthening it’and keep it over the months.

Inflatable accessories make water activities accessible to everyone

All athletes and fans of’Many outdoor activities have probably dreamed of doing different water activities on the beaches of their vacations. Jet skiing, surfing, canoeing, kayaking, rafting… so many summer sports that are attractive but are still quite expensive and represent a real budget for only a few minutes of more or less strong sensations.

An alternative to practice your passion and make your investment more profitable is to buy your own accessories. An idea that may seem insane when the’you live in the city, far from the French beach areas, especially if the’you don’t have a beach hut or a second home to store the equipment outside of the vacation periods.

Today’Today, new technologies manage to surprise us by creating innovations such as inflatable paddle boards. This makes this hobby accessible to everyone, even if you don’t have the chance to live on the coast’water. The top of the line boards are strong enough to allow vacationers to safely enjoy their time on the water.

Far from it’This is how you can spend hours of fun on the beach without the risk of being a simple air mattress, you will benefit from the stability and rigidity necessary for an optimal practice of this sport.

You will be able to get up and paddle in the open sea with a tool that you will keep for years even after you return from your vacation and without taking too much weight.

The beach tents for the edge of the sea’water

For some time now, a new accessory has invaded the edges of the beach to the great dismay of some tourists or local inhabitants who do not all succumb to their charm: the beach tents. They are not designed for sleeping and are therefore not wide enough to fit in the bed’The buoy is not really long but it resists to the UV rays of the sun.

C’This is how you can spend hours having a good time on the beach without the risk of being a mere air mattress, but without the risk of losing your body’sunbathing or from year to year to be trendy’a nasty sunburn. This accessory is especially useful for families with small children who are in need of a place to stay’They are also more fragile in the face of the sun’s rays.

They exist today’Today’s inflatables come in all sizes, colors and prices. C’It’s a way to enjoy your vacation time without having to worry too much about it.