4 tips for finding your own style

4 tips for finding your own style

You’ve found your style when you feel completely comfortable and confident in the clothing combinations you wear. Trends evolve over the years, but there is no guarantee that the looks of the moment will suit you 100%. In this case, the’ideal is to let your creativity speak and seek, or even create your own style. Your dress style is a way to make yourself stand out and’express your personality, but also your sense of fashion.

Analyze your current wardrobe and think about what you want to achieve

Unlike fashion, dress style is timeless. When I want change my style of dress or that I want to develop a new one, I start with an assessment of what I already have.

Evaluate your current wardrobe

If you are looking to find your style, I can advise you to get rid of pieces that no longer match your personality or no longer suit you. L’trick is d’accurately identify your current style and its evolution over time. It will be easier for you to sort out the clothes and accessories you keep and those you get rid of.

Think about personalization with’textile printing

Thereafter, if you have pieces that are important to youœur, remember to personalize them, a service offered in particular on la-manufacture.en or the sites of’textile printing. In my quest for my own style, I’do not hesitate to personalize my belongings and’printing and embroidery are perfect for achieving this. The customization solutions to be made on clothes or tote-bags are available in:

  • flocking,
  • digital printing,
  • screen printing,
  • embroidery,
  • sublimation.

I recommend that you go to the specialized platforms to find a proposal that meets your needs. So you can freely show your own style.

Highlight your strengths and determine your preferences

The advice I can give you in your quest for your own style of dress is to’experiment. Try it’association of several parts, then enhance your look with different accessories.

Choose clothes you like to wear

When looking to find your style of dress, be sure to choose pieces that will emphasize your assets and in which you feel highlighted. Everything will be easier if from the outset you acquire pieces that perfectly match what you like to wear. Don’t give in to the temptation of « this leather jacket was pretty, I’took » while you never wear a leather jacket.

Design a kit of basics

A solution that I’have adopted to find my style of dress is to define what will be the basis of my wardrobe. These are pieces that I can’t do without on a daily basis. They are available in white t-shirts, jeans or shirts according to individual preferences.

List the clothes you have worn the most lately, in order to highlight your favorite outfits. From there just play around with props or stronger pieces.