12 Viking tattoos and their meaning

12 Viking tattoos and their meaning

To protect themselves from evil, the Vikings developed a system of symbols and lines which, in addition to serving as a means of protection, were also used as a means of communication’alphabet, hid a meaning much deeper.

Discover the meaning of Viking tattoos

Faced with the decadence of’a world that seems to s’collapse, we need to’a magical force to prevent us from succumbing to imminent destruction. The fear of the end of time has always haunted us, we know that life begins, progresses and that the world will never end’At some point it must end, and then what? ? nothing, just the’abyss and the promise that someone’one or something will fight for our souls just the day the’Universe enters this state of suffering that we are so afraid.

Gods, witches, amulets; absolutely anything that gives us some spiritual security is accepted as long as we don’t have to worry about it’We do not have to face a reality that, rather than hurting us, terrifies us largely. The level of prevention of some Nordic peoples led them to create a system of symbols and magical characters with hidden powers capable of making every aspect of life of’a person is, if not perfect, at least more bearable. The runic system, which was also their way of communicating in writing, allowed the Vikings to feel protected against any evil that could threaten their stability in all respects.

L’The importance of this system of symbols was such that even some warriors and nobility decided to use them tattooWhile men decided to wear them engraved on their heads or arms, many women preferred to put them on their wrists or shoulders. Really, the’The place where these were engraved did not have as much weight as everything else’s business was not as important as everything else’they contained in themselves.

Learning to read runes is a time-consuming job.

However, some of their combinations have magical meanings. The vegvisir and the’aegishjalmur are two very popular items in the’Atlantic.

From tattoos Vikings. The first is the representation of an additional point’a solar compass that guides lost souls to find their way and the second is a symbol of the so-called “terror spell”.

Thanks to some series and musical groups whose main theme is precisely the Nordic peoples, the tattoos with runes have gained a popularity never seen before. Those who tirelessly search for someone’one that can s’identify to the’one of these designs are not content with just knowing that’They can rely on their techniques and skills with tattoo machines, but can even inform them about the global context behind each of these symbols.

But the responsibility of knowing what is behind each tattoo is far from being a simple task’be the’business of the tattooist. It would be absurd to think that’they know absolutely everything and know everything that we need to know’they are about to put on the skin of their clients, all this weight really falls on the shoulders of those who decide to decorate their skin with these designs, because beyond the magic that the tattoo artist has to offer’Because they can hide in them, the most important thing is what makes us feel and think about wearing them in our body and how safe we feel with them.

After all, they will be the ones who will accompany us at the end of time, and whatever they do, they can count on their techniques and their knowledge’it then arrives will only be’The first is the representation of an additional point, because we have finally achieved that protection that we have sought for centuries in the forces of nature’another world without suspecting that everything we needed was hidden in a pair of’The needles that come and go from our skin impregnated with ink’ink and blood.

Now that you know everything about Viking tattoos and their meanings, don’t forget to check out our’do not forget that’There are some important points to know before getting a tattoo, such as precautions and especially the choice of the tattoo artist so that you can get a good result’it shares your vision of symbolism to give it even more power.

You’ll need to take care of your tattoo by following strict rules for a few weeks so that you can get the most out of it’It holds in time and retains its beauty, although the meaning will not change in your eyes. Tattoo artists in Paris are now’The vegvisir and the tattoo shop specialize in Viking motifs such as ink and blood’article Aleksander Sacha and his studio Viking Tattoo.

Finally, I advise you to think about your tattoo, to be sure of yourself before you start so that you don’t regret it and want to remove your tattoo.