How to install a Charliebirdy roller shutter cam motor

How to install a cam motor for roller shutters ?

Roller shutters have become indispensable in modern houses and apartments. Indeed, whether you live in the city or in the country, no matter what the weather, you can always do it yourself’Do not hesitate to make the choice of this type of motor’facilities. Both modern and durable, roller shutters replace and improve on many aspects of conventional swinging shutters.

Discover how to motorize these shutters for your interior.

What’is what’a cam motor for roller shutters ?

The name “cam” is a technical and mechanical name that allows to control the movement of the door’a room of way sliding. To operate, the cam mechanism uses a sliding and rolling part that will roll on a second part, so the operation allows to get a better control of the shutters’move forward or backward as needed.

The cam motors The gels are used in the installations of our daily life like the rolling shutters of course but also the automated gates or the “Allen” keys automatic gates. The profile of the cam motors is very appreciated because it allows to’record and reproduce pre-recorded and complex movements. It is therefore today’today recommended to’adopt a cam motor for roller shutter if you want to install such equipment in your properties.

Install a cam motor easily

Today’Today, you can’t do it without them’no longer have to pay a specialized technician to install your roller shutter motor. Indeed, there are kits on the net to install your own cam motor in no time.

Before even proceeding to the’installation of your Came motor, you will need to assess the distances from the location where you want to install your production. The roller shutters are’The roller shutters are usually installed in standard locations, but it is always best to check the dimensions yourself before proceeding with any installation handling. The Came motorization requires an electrical power supply and therefore an electric motor equipment adapted and a certain know-how.

You can ask an expert for advice online or in stores to choose the right model.

The hardest part will probably be the selection of the motorization of its roller shutter, electromechanical or hydraulic, according to your needs and your budget, the possibilities offered to you will not necessarily be the same. Once this step is completed, and the base prepared, the’installation in itself of your motor will be very simple and easily illustrated by the instructions attached to your purchase. A way to s’equip to less expensive by saving on the cost of health care’work but also choose the perfect model to meet your needs without commercial influence.

How to choose your shutter model ?

Roller shutters may all look similar, but they are different and each model must be carefully examined and selected to suit your needs. Thus, any’first of all due to’from an aesthetic point of view, the roller shutters The options can be different and blend in more or less well with your facade. If for a while all roller shutters were white and quite fragile, they are nowadays more reliable’now developed in all models and all colors.

You can thus choose a aesthetic that is close to wood or a darker color. What to do to make your exterior more harmonious and pretty and your windows dressed for the night. .

Beyond this’from a purely aesthetic point of view, roller shutter motors are more or less resistant. Indeed, if you want to opt for components that will last over time and resist s weather as well’to the cold and to the years, a cam engine could s’prove useful. Indeed, some less reliable models tend to stop during the descent or ascent of your curtain which is alarming and unpleasant.