How to wear the bomber man

The bomber, a timeless trend despite the years

The bomber is a jacket that has become a must-have both in the men’s dressing room and in the’women’s wardrobe. This jacket similar to the aviator coat is made of nylon. Lightweight, practical and trendy, the bomber is’adapts to almost any man’s style.

Qu’is the bombers ?

A l’Originally, the bomber is a jacket created in the 1950’s for the pilots of the’army of the’American Air Force (US Air Force) and the Navy. It is therefore part of the’military uniform. In nylon, it was available in two colors: navy blue and olive green. Named Flight jacket MA-1, the bomber is slightly modified in 1963.

It is reversible and the’interior is bright orange so that’it can be used as a beacon. We note however that the bomber is the successor of the leather aviator jacket.

In the 1960s, the manufacturer of bombers, Alpha Industries, began marketing this puffy canvas jacket. The general public fell under the charm of the bombers which became popular thanks to the television and the reports on the Vietnam war, or the Falklands war. D’Other colors are offered since the 2000s, then the bomber becomes a trendy piece on the catwalks of fashion shows.

How to know if it’s right for you’It is a real Bombers ?

The bomber The bomber marketed by Alpha Industries is made entirely of nylon (outer shell and lining). It is padded with polyester and has two belly pockets with flaps that close with snaps. The pocket on the sleeve is more worked.

The bright orange lining as well as the logo of the company is a must’Alpha Industries present on the reverse side of the zipper are characteristic signs of the real bomber.

The real bomber is comfortable thanks to its polyester padding. Its cut is relatively short, it is a real Bombers’This is why it is preferable to use a bomber’Try it on and wear it with low-rise pants to make sure you don’t have a bad back’air, especially for men who measure more than 10 cm’1 m 90.

How to wear the bomber ?

The bomber is a jacket that follows the movements of the body. It falls perfectly on the shoulders and wrists without obstructing the arms. This jacket s’It’s best to wear it on your back’The bomber is available in any men’s clothing style: sportswear, casual, chic, rock..

  • The bomber with a sportswear style: combine a pair of jogging or tapered pants with a t-shirt, a pair of sneakers and your bomber. S’When it’s cold, add a hoodie under your bomber. Remember to match colors. We bet on 3 colors maximum to keep the look of the bomber’harmony of the outfit. To elongate your figure, wear a white t-shirt and white sneakers.
  • The bomber with the casual style: wear chino pants or jeans, dress shoes (boots or suede derbies) and a simple t-shirt with a round or V neck. You can choose a nylon bomber in black, beige or brown tones or bet on an aviator style bomber in suede.
  • The bomber with a casual chic look: here, we associate the bomber with a well-ironed shirt, chino pants or pants with clips and classic shoes (chelsea boots, richelieu, derbies). We prefer however the bombers in suede for a more elegant side.
  • The bomber for a rock look: the leather bomber lends itself perfectly to rock type outfits, even grunge. Wear your leather bomber with a white t-shirt, faded jeans (destroy jeans also work) and a pair of high top converse or black ankle boots. The hoodie under the leather bomber can keep you warm in the off-seasons and is a great way to keep you cool’does not interfere with the rock look.

The different models of bombers allow to create n’It doesn’t matter what look you’re going for and adapted to his personality. You only have’create your outfit and have fun !

How to wear the bomber ?

Where to find bombers ?

The bombers man are sold in most men’s clothing stores. The choice will surely be wider on sites that offer this type of products. To refine your search, base your choice on the style of bomber you want to buy.

For example, if you like classic bombers, like those made by Alpha Industries, look directly on the official website. If you are more inclined towards a casual or casual chic style, please specify the material or style when searching on the internet. Otherwise, go directly to sites such as Project X Paris, which offers casual style bombers.

If you go to the store, consider trying on your bomber to make sure it’s right for you’it fits well. However, if you buy online, you will not be able to try it on and wear it with a pair of pants’try. C’This is why we advise you to refer to the size guide offered directly on the e-shop.

Of course, returns are possible, but it would be a pity to have to pay for them’to wait to wear your bomber.