What to do or see in Namibia

How to experience a trip to Namibia off the beaten track ?

You are on vacation and you want to travel to one of the African countries ? Why not choose as a destination Namibia ! You can explore the wonders of this country and get off the beaten track. Characterized by the Namib desert and its large expanses of dunes, by its diversified fauna and flora, this corner of southwest Africa has as its capital Windhoek. If you want to experience great nature shows during this trip, you are welcome.

Discover this area known for its mix of German colonial buildings.

Epupa Falls

Still called Epupa-falls, these falls are located on the Kunene River north of the town of Opuwo on the border between Namibia and Angola. During your trip to Namibia, you will have to travel 300 km over 4 hours to reach this wonderful place.

At the top, you will be dazzled by theexceptional beauty of the Epupa Falls site. With a maximum height of 37 m, admire, in all, 22 waterfalls that are spread over the entire valley. You can admire the baobabs hanging on the rocks and the palm trees along the river.

If you wish organize a safari to the Epupa Falls to better discover this tourist wealth, it is possible. Avoid going during the months of December and March, because due to the rainy season, the track is not very practicable.

Etosha National Park

This park is a unique treasure on the African continent. It is characterized by a salt marsh so large that it can be seen from afar. There is also an abundance of wildlife that gathers around an oasis and provides game viewing. From north to south of the country, it is very present.

You can observe a large number of wild animals on the side of Etosha. It is about cheetahs, rhinoceroses and giraffes. They are also present in Damaraland, the Waterberg National Park and in the Palmwag Reserve. In addition, there is a colony of sea lions and a rich birdlife in Cape Cross.

This park extends over 2200 km² of. Located about 7 hours from Windhoek, it is one of the most accessible reserves of Namibia and Southern Africa.

The deserts of Namibia

Apart from the wildlife, the flora and the beautiful landscapes of this southwestern African country, the deserts in Namibia are a unique treasure very privileged destination of the tourists. These deserts include the Namib Desert, Deadvlei, Sossusvlei and Kalahari. Considered as the oldest desert in the world, the Namib desert stretches along the Atlantic Ocean.

It is bordered by various types of landscapes and occupies a huge area of 81 000 km².

In the immense semi-desert region of Kalahari, you will see antelopes, meerkats, birds or reptiles. This desert, which extends over 7 countries, is regularly hit by rainfall, as evidenced by the dry riverbeds and the huge acacia trees.

As for the Deadvlei (dead swamp), located in the Namib Desert, this sandy area was once a swamp turned desert. Indeed, the origin of this name comes from a climatic change that occurred almost 900 years ago. The said site was surrounded at the time by dunes whose height could reach 300 to 400 m. But heavy flooding caused a river to divert. The waves ended their course in the middle of the dunes forming a swamp.

Hence the name of this desert. Today, a forest of dark trunks contrasts with the white clay ground and offers an amazing scene.

The Skeleton Coast

Located at the Ugab riverbed 210 km from Swakopmund, the Skeleton Coast Park starts with the southern entrance Ugabmund. It has been declared ” protected area “The country’s history was first documented in 1971 because of the shipwrecks that have washed up on its shores. It extends from the Kunene River (border with Angola in the north) over a width of 40 km, or an area of 16,390 km².

In this area, the border between ocean and dunes The only thing that marks this model is a wide band of white sand with foam rolling across it. Even more striking, over the ocean, the black wings of Cape Cormorants unfold.

It must be said that the public is allowed to visit only the southern part of the park, which is the least impressive. But the advantage is that fishing is practiced there. This southern section of the park is mostly frequented by fishermen.

From then on you can take a trip to the Ugab riverbed or simply opt for a drive through the park to the heart of Damaraland.