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How to make a Canadian caribou meat roast ?

The caribou meat is the’Most of the meat of a caribou is one of the most flavourful game meats, and if you are lucky enough to get it right, it will be the best’If you don’t want to take one home with you, or if you have a hunter in the family who can give you some, the sheer size of it guarantees that you will have plenty of opportunities to learn more’learn to cook it.

As with other wild game, the flavour and tenderness of the meat is the key to success’The quality of moose meat varies greatly depending on its diet, its habitat, the cleanliness of its carcass and the speed with which the hunter uses it’cleaned and cooled. Most of the meat will be relatively tough, although the loin and ribs will give you a lot of pleasure’excellent roasts.

The preparation of caribou meat

Caribou is at its best when well fed on a diet’The caribou will be at its best in the fall, after building up its winter fat reserves, but it will always be leaner than domestic meats or deer’breeding. As for the beef fed to the’If your traditional marinades usually include red wine, onions, bay leaves, herbs, etc., you will need to cook the caribou at a lower temperature than the well-marbled beef, and usually for a shorter period of time because the fat in the beef acts as an insulator. If your caribou meat If the flavour of a caribou is particularly strong, you may want to let it marinate for a few days before roasting it.

Traditional marinades usually include red wine, onions, bay leaves, herbs and other ingredients’If you’re looking for a job as a garlic, black pepper and pepper sprayer, you’re in luck’other flavouring ingredients such as juniper berries or red currants.

The choice of the parts to roast

Most of the meat of’an adult caribou is quite hard and does not lend itself well to cooking in the oven. It can be used as a tasty meat stew or ground for spaghetti sauce and burgers, but it does not work well for roasting or grilling.

The ribs and loin are also ideal for grilling or oven roasting. Even on an old male, these cuts are soft enough to be enjoyable. L’Another section that gives a fairly tender roast is the’shoulder, which has some mottling.

L’shoulder requires slow cooking, either in the oven or in a roaster.

The rib or loin roast

Prepare a caribou rib roast or a loin like a roast beef, in the’seasoning lightly with salt and pepper. The loin is very lean and it is best to cover it with thin strips of bacon or pork fat to protect it from drying out in the oven. The rib has enough fat that it does not require special treatment.

Roast the meat at 150 C or 160 C until it is done’to what’The roast will reach an internal temperature of 60 C or more when it is cooked’it is tested with a thermometer. If trichinosis is a risk in your area, cook the roast thoroughly at 70 C.

Dental roast’shoulder

A caribou rib roast’You can’t be sure that the shoulder requires a long and slow cooking time and will not be tender enough to be served when it is fork-tender’it is medium-rare. Brown the outer surfaces in a hot pan before cooking, as the low temperature cooking method does not leave the surface browned and salty. Cover the roast with a few strips of bacon and cook at 120 C in a covered roasting pan for four to six hours, until it is ready to be cut’to what’It must be fork-tender. With a pork roast’For a shoulder, rib or loin roast, let the meat rest for 10 to 15 minutes before cutting it up.

It gives a juicier roast.