What are the differences between pod and capsule coffee machines

What are the differences between pod and capsule coffee machines? 

If you are a coffee lover, then it is important to have a capsule’a coffee maker. Although it is essential nowadays, it must be chosen carefully so that you can enjoy the best coffees. There are different machines on the market, each with its own strengths and a wide range of functions, but also with its own limitations.

Among the most famous models, there are the pod and capsule coffee machines. To make the right choice between the two, it is imperative to know the points that differentiate them.

The capsule coffee machine

The capsule coffee machine appeared towards the end of the 90s. It is characterized by its simple and efficient use and is used with a wide range of products aluminum or plastic capsules. Each capsule generally contains a dose of coffee for one person.

The advantages of this type of machine

The first advantage of the capsule machine is that’it is ideal for the preparation of real espressos. You have a wide choice of capsules with different flavors and sizesômy different. You can also buy 100% Nespresso compatible capsules for a better experience. In addition to the classic Espresso and Ristretto, you will have the opportunity to discover new sensations such as the "Espresso" and "Ristretto" « Intenso », the « crema gusto dolce », etc.

In addition, there are from packs with an assortment of capsules. Thanks to this, you will no longer be obliged to drink the same type of coffee and you will be able to vary the pleasures easily.

On the other hand, the coffee is perfectly dosed and there is no need to use the machine’so there is no risk of ending up with a coffee that is not strong enough or too strong. Also, the hermetic and confined packaging of the capsule ensures a perfect conservation of the aromaôwith freshly ground coffee. As a result, the coffee does not dry out and can be kept longer.

Finally, the capsules offer a Simple and quick preparation. You don’have that’The coffee will be loaded into the machine and the whole process will be automatic. The same applies to the’maintenance. Since the coffee is not used in the machine, it is not necessary to load the machine and the whole process is done by hand’If you are not in contact with the machine, you don't need to be in contact with the machine’will only have to’to throw away the empty capsules for cleaning.

The disadvantages of the capsule machine

Like the pod model, the capsule coffee machine also has some limitations, such as’it should be noted.

In addition to the price superior to the classic ground coffee, There are capsules that are only compatible with the pods’with a specific machine. This is likely to generate additional costs. Also, the hermetic system is double-edged, because even if the capsules are not used, the coffee is perfectly dosed’it ensures the preservation of flavors, it prevents the’evacuation of furans.

These are the volatile particles coming from the roasting of coffee beans.

Finally, for large companies, this device can be a great help too slow compared to the automatic coffee machine. In reality, even if the capsule coffee machine is fast for a few coffees, it does not have a large variety of pods’It is not able to make’reach the speed of’It is not suitable for the execution of automatic machines present in some companies.

The coffee pod machine

The pod coffee machine has been more and more popular for a few years. In fact, this new method of coffee preparation is very easy to use’The coffee pods are quickly integrated into the habits of households and small businesses. It allows you to prepare coffee with a pod and is generally equipped with a’a reservoir of’water. On the’It is appreciated for its simplicity and speed of use’use.

The machine is responsible for heating the coffee’You will be able to use the water and dose the right amount of coffee required.

The advantages of this machine

The pod coffee machine is an ideal solution for small size device and very easy to install. It requires very little space and can therefore quickly find its place in your home or office. In addition, it makes the preparation of coffee much easier.

You don’You only have one espresso machine’insert the pod into the machine by pressing a button.

In addition, the percolation process d’a coffee pod machine is optimal. All the coffee molecules are released by the pods and each refill contains a good dose in order to make the most of the coffee's aromaômy.

Also note that this type of’The machine allows you to the preparation of coffee’a wide variety of pods (tea, coffee, hot chocolate…). Therefore, it will be easy for you to test new preparations or coffee novelties.

Finally, the pod coffee machine already has a special function’a protection against the’air and dust. You don’Therefore, you will not need a filter.

coffee capsules

The disadvantages

Although’Although it has many advantages, the coffee pod machine has some limitations. not all pods are compatible with all pod coffee machines. Some of them are accompanied by their own pods which are often difficult to find on the market.

In addition, the pods of the machines are not not very ecological. They generate a lot of packaging and are not yet recyclable. Also, with this appliance, you can only prepare one cup of coffee’one to two cups at the same time.

This makes it’it n’is not very suitable for large productions.

Finally, you usually can't prepare the coffee yourself’espresso with the pod coffee maker. And for good reason, this one has a pressure below 9 bars. It is not enough to produce the caramel-colored foam of a caramelizer’espresso coffee.

Pod or capsule machine: what to choose in the end ?

To choose between a coffee machine with pods and a model with capsules, we advise you to take stock of your needs.

The pod machine is more suitable for the preparation of espresso coffee’a large variety of hot drinks tea, latte, cappuccino. And as we’As we have already mentioned, the pressure is too low for the preparation of coffee’The machine is responsible for heating the espresso machine. You can still use it to make filter coffee.

But if you are a big fan of air and dust, you will be able to use it’If the machine only allows espresso, then opt for the capsule coffee machine, as it offers sufficient pressure. Depending on the model, you will easily get a coffee with a good layer of cream. However, you should be careful when making your choice, as not all machines have the same level of pressure.

Some are not very suitable for the preparation of’Expresso and are closer to the pod machine (multi-drinks).

In summary, the coffee machine with pods and the one with capsules both have characteristics that distinguish them. Once you have a good knowledge of their differences, you will have to evaluate your needs in order to make the right choice.