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Moringa is really a super food ?

Among the many plants that are used in both traditional and modern medicine are the Moringa ! If you are also interested in everything you need to know about this tree, take the time to read this article.

What is Moringa ?

With its scientific name Moringa Oleifera, the Moringa is a tree that is usually used as a food source’Indian origin. It can be up to 10 meters high and resists very well to drought. C’is a tree that produces fruits and whose blossoming depends on rainfall and temperature conditions.

Its bark, leaves and fruit are very useful in traditional and ayurvedic medicines.

Moringa is a super food ?

The Moringa is qualified as a superfood because of the numerous nutritional analyses proving that, compared to other vegetables, it is richer in vitamins, proteins and minerals. It is also a source of potassium, calcium and contains eight essential amino acids. But that’s not all, it is also an anti-inflammatory, an antioxidant and is very good for aging, hair in addition to being an excellent detoxifier.

What is certain the list of its virtues is quite long and it must be said, Moringa is quite good for everything hence this qualification of super food.

How to consume Moringa ?

Moringa is available in several forms. From powder to capsules, oil and tea, its consumption varies according to the benefits you want to enjoy. Logically, those who consume it to beautify their hair will not take it in the same way as those who want to benefit from its detoxifying virtues. However, as a general rule, you can consume 2.5 to 5g per day, or 2 to 4 teaspoons.

As for its oil, it can be used in cooking like any other oil. Its powder can be introduced directly at the table in the meal or in fruit juice.

How to cook Moringa ?

The leaves of Moringa can be prepared as vegetables when they are still young. They are used as green vegetables or parsley. The dried roots of Moringa are strong in taste, they can be ground and used as spices for sauces. Cooked with vinegar, the roots of Moringa give a spicy sauce.

The other thing of the Moringa that can be used in cooking is the young green pods. They can be boiled for a few minutes like green beans. The dried and roasted seeds have a taste similar to that of peanuts.

How to lose weight with Moringa ?

Moringa can be a good ally for people who want to lose weight. Consumed in infusion every morning, it is an excellent appetite suppressant. Because it is rich in antioxidants, Moringa helps to reduce both the sugar and cholesterol levels in the blood. This has a considerable effect on the weight of the consumer.

Of course, it will be necessary to take into account the good food habits and a regular physical activity.

What are the benefits of Moringa ?

They are numerous, we will quote some of them:

Fight against free radicals

The leaves, seeds and flowers of Moringa is rich in antioxidants, but the leaves even more than the others, hence its higher efficiency in the fight against free radicals responsible for the degradation of the body.

Relieves inflammation

It reduces inflammations through the consumption of its leaves by suppressing the enzymes responsible for them .

Protects the cardiovascular system

A little Moringa leaf powder every day helps keep your heart healthy and keeps your arteries free from plaque formation. It also helps to control cholesterol and lipid levels in the blood.


Again and again, thanks to its dried and ground leaves, the Moringa reduces the blood sugar level, which prevents a predisposition to diabetes. For people already suffering from cancer, it plays the same role, but in addition improves the protection of cells against damage.

Excellent for brain health

Due to the presence of a high level of vitamin C and vitamin E, Moringa is a good ally to fight against oxidation. It maintains cognitive functions and could be an aid in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease .

The friend of the liver

The high concentration of polyphenols in the leaves and flowers of Moringa The fact that the wine is so well aged makes it an excellent supplement to protect your liver against the natural daily attacks (oxidation, toxicity, damage, etc.).).

Healing effect

The Moringa tree has coagulant properties which helps stop bleeding in case of wounds and heal quickly

Antiseptics and antimicrobials

Moringa’s antibacterial and antifungal properties help fight infections, especially those caused by fungi and certain bacteria that cause urinary tract infections and digestive problems.

In conclusion, the Moringa Moringa is a gold mine of medicinal properties. It is an excellent addition to a daily diet. Its presence in the blood is of innumerable benefit to all individuals.

So don’t hesitate to include it in your daily diet.